A Low Hum

Camp A Low Hum in 2024 will be two weekends!

You know that time you were really excited about that one show so you set an alarm to buy tickets. The second they went live, you had them in your cart to checkout, it had only been a few seconds, you go to checkout and the spinning wheel of death appears….the website crashes. By the time you get back to to add to cart again, you’re told they’re sold out!

The whole reason I started Camp in the first place was to try and resolve everything that sucked about conventional music festivals. Tickets selling out instantly and missing out while your friends manage to get tickets is probably the worst thing that can happen.

And that’s what will happen if I put tickets on sale as I had intended for Camp 2024.

There is considerably more pre-registered interest than I have tickets available and it will solely come down to how fast your internet is and if you happen to refresh your browser at the exact moment. 

This an unfair way to determine if somebody gets tickets or not.

For the last few weeks I’ve been grappling with how to deal with this. One thing I won’t do is increase the capacity as what makes Camp so special is that tight-knit community that evolves over the three days and the intimate shows. 

My initial idea was to implement a ballot/lottery system - give people some days to register and get a number and then do some sort of lottery draw of numbers to see who gets the tickets. Other than the admin nightmare this would be, the idea that it splits groups of friends, while still also leaving lots of people out in the cold is a non-starter for me.

What’s the answer?

How do I keep the capacity low, but allow everyone who wants to come along to get a ticket? 

Two weekends!

It's been ten years.

Let's do this, lol, TWO more times. 

Weekend 1: Feb 15-18

Weekend 2: Feb 22-25

Before anyone asks, haha, there won’t be a third weekend, and there won’t be a Camp in 2025. This is it :)

Remember, tickets for both events go on sale in a week’s time, 7:30pm 15th, April. If you enter your email here I’ll give you a heads up a day before, and an hour before:  https://forms.gle/EeZrD8cXf8MRApmQA

I’m trying to give people enough notice now so you can touch base with your crew and make sure you all aim for the same weekend. I can’t imagine tickets selling out crazy fast this way, but… I’m not sure, it could be interesting.

If you miss the weekend you want, just grab some tickets for the other weekend - in the Camp A Low Hum Facebook group, or Facebook event, or on a specific Instagram post I make I’m going to allow people to organise trades (that must happen through me). If you post a message on there with tickets for one of the weekends and find another person to trade, you can both get in touch with me and I’ll switch them over.  I’m sure there will be many who buy tickets not all that fussed about which weekend, so it should hopefully all balance out 🙂

Though a bunch of the same bands will play both weekends, I want to make both weekends very different experiences and many of the local artists will be different. If you’re keen to come to both weekends, you’re welcome to stay on the site the days between.

I’ll be putting on epic parties in Wellington on the 19th, 20th and 21st for those hanging around, or getting to Wellington early :) Details on those much closer to Camp.