A Low Hum

A Low Hum Publishing

ALH001-008 A Low Hum, Series 1, Issues 1-8

ALH009 Hello Mum

ALH010-ALH019  A Low Hum, Series 2, Issues 8-17

ALH020  Local Knowledge v0.0

ALH021-029  A Low Hum, Series 3, Issues 1-9

ALH030  Local Knowledge v1.0 (link to release tour)

ALH031   CALH '07 Book

ALH032  Best of A Low Hum (Zine)

ALH033-036  CALH '08-'011 Books

ALH037  The process in which I plan, book and manage overseas tours (zine version of DIY Touring the World)

ALH038  CALH '12 Book

ALH039 DIY Touring the World

ALH040   CALH '13 Book

ALH041   Square Wave Festival Poster Book

ALH042  CALH '14 Book

ALH043  The problem with music in New Zealand and how to fix it and why I started and ran Puppies

ALH044  The End of Puppies

ALH045-ALH055 A Movement