A Low Hum

Reviews of A Movement

“Remarkable. Some of the best rock’n’ roll photographs you’ll see”
Russell Brown. (Public Address)


“A stunning visual history of Kiwi music. The cultural life of the nation.” FULL TEXT HERE
Grant Smithies. (The Sunday Star Times)


“What’s great about these books is the sense that Jorgensen wasn’t just observing dispassionately, butright there on the stage, or in the rehearsal room, or at the party.“
Gary Steel (Metro Magazine)


“A weighty artefact - a decade and a half of live New Zealand music. Energy, passion and humour radiate from these images.”

4 Stars.

Nick Bollinger (The Listener)


“Epic”. “Stunning”.

Martyn Pepperell, Fish Head Magazine


“Unparalleled as a turn of the century documentary of contemporary music in this country”
Tim Steele (f11 Magazine)