Sept 9 - The Brightside, Brisbane, AU (BigSound Festival)
Sept 17 - Dada, Beijing ***(DJ Set)
Sept 18 - School Bar, Beijing
Sept 20 - Echo Park Festival, Shanghai
Sept 22 - Loft345, Guangzhou
Sept 24 - ESpace B, Paris, FR
Sept 25 - Le Baraka, Clermont Ferrand, FR
Sept 29 - Alchimia, Dijon, FR
Oct 1  - Salle Du Clous, Brest, FR
Oct 2  - Le Marquis De Sade, Rennes, FR
Oct 3 - Bad Bonn, Dudingen, CH
Oct 4 - Le Sapin, Renens, CH (Private Show)
Oct 5 - Le Glass, Paris, FR *** (DJ Set)
Oct 7 - Sebright Arms, London, UK
Oct 8 - The Cumberland Arms, Newcastle, UK
Oct 10 - Macguires Pizza Bar, Liverpool, UK
Oct 11 - Rockaway Beach Festival, Bognor Regis, UK
Oct 14 - Uebersehcontainer, Bielefeld, DE
Oct 15 - ACUD Macht Neu, Berlin, DE
Oct 16 - Frau Hedi, Hamburg, DE
Oct 17 - Gleis 22, Munster, DE
Oct 18 - Vondelbunker, Amsterdam, NL
Oct 20 - Cafe Video, Ghent, BE
Oct 21 - Waldmeister E.V, Wuppertal, DE
Oct 22 - Hall of Fame, Tilborg, NL
Oct 24 - Kraftfeld, Winterthur, CH
Oct 30 - Baby’s All Right, New York, NY, US
Oct 31 - The Banana Stand, New Brunswick, NJ, US
Nov 1 - Girard Hall, Philadephia, PA, US
Nov 2 - Fennario, West Chester, PA, US
Nov 3 - The Makespace, Harrisburg, PA, US
Nov 4 - The Crown, Baltimore, MD, US
Nov 5 - Mountain Brewing Co, Thomas, WV, US
Nov 6 - The House with No Name, Columbus, OH, US
Nov 7 - Far House, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Nov 8 - Empty Bottle, Chicago, MI,  US
Nov 9 - Labyrinth, Jamestown, NY, US
Nov 10, The Vera Project, Seattle, WA, US
Nov 11 - Possum House, Salem, OR, US
Nov 12 - The Farmhouse, Arcata, CA, US
Nov 13 - Sylvan Annex Presents, San Francisco, CA, US
Nov 14 - The Smell, LA, CA, US
Nov 15 - Mountain Rambler Brewery, Bishop, US
Nov 19 - The Eastern, Ballarat, AU
Nov 20 - The Curtin, Melbourne, AU
Nov 21 - Octopus Pi Presents, Sydney, AU
Nov 27 - Darkroom, Christchurch, NZ
Nov 28 - Chicks Hotel, Dunedin, NZ
Dec 3 - The Lyttelton Coffee Co, Lyttelton, NZ
Dec 4 - Barrytown Hall, Barrytown, NZ
Dec 5 - Tim’s Place, Marahau, NZ


New Zealand’s Shocking Pinks, AKA Nick Harte, burst onto the scene in 2004 with the seminal dance pop record Dance the Dance Electric (originally released on Pinacolada Records), which shared with the world Harte’s peculiar brand of uncomfortable dance punk intimacy. With dirty lo-fi production, sweet melodies, and unexpected aggression, Harte channels the demons of obsession and emptiness into darkly lyrical art. Managing to conduit James Murphy, Fleetwood Mac, and My Bloody Valentine through the swagger of Scott Walker, Shocking Pinks have perfected the sound of bittersweet melancholia that teeters on the edge of self-destruction. 

On October 5th, Dance The Dance Electric will be re-released via E/D/I/L/S Records in the UK; Spiral Jetta Recordings in France; Geertruida in The Netherlands; and via A Low Hum throughout the rest of the world. This new remastered release marks the first time the album will be available on vinyl, and nine previously unreleased tracks from the original sessions will be included with the digital release. In addition, Harte (and band) will embark on a three month Dance the Dance Electric World Tour, which includes performances in China, Europe, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. 

After releasing Dance The Dance Electric in 2004 (which earned an 8.2 on Pitchfork) Harte was quickly signed to New Zealand’s historic Flying Nun label, which released Mathematical Warfare and Infinity Land in 2005. Shortly thereafter, Shocking Pinks landed an international deal with New York’s DFA label, first releasing a series of limited-edition vinyl 7” with remixes by The Glimmers, Deerhunter, and Eluvium, and then issuing the full-length album Shocking Pinks in 2007. Harte’s self-titled DFA debut compiled some of the best songs from Harte’s previous albums, and showcased his ability to carve out a raw and intense emotional space, that served as a stark counterpart to the party anthems of DFA electroclash label-mates.

While Harte did not formally release any music after 2007, they were years of great productivity; he toured, wrote for magazines, and collaborated on films. Then in 2014, after living through a devastating magnitude 6.3 earthquake tore through his come city of Christchurch, Harte released his sprawling, haunting, beautiful, and at times violent and alienating Guilt Mirrorstrilogy via Stars & Letters Records. 

The Dance The Dance Electric World Tour begins September 9th at BigSound festival in Brisbane. More dates are soon to be announced. 


NOSTALGIA: First single from the reissue of "Dance the Dance Electric", out Oct 5th.

IT'S HARD TO BREATE: Second single from the reissue of "Dance the Dance Electric", out Oct 5th.

"an emotionally vulnerable highlight reel of scruffy Jesus and Mary Chain dream-pop, ecstatic My Bloody Valentine haze, droning C-86 confessionals, and bedroom New Order bass lines...His heartache, our pleasure."



“This band is exactly as good as you’d imagine a band with releases
on Flying Nun and DFA would be… New Zealand wins again…”


“Virtually all of his songs are gems in their own way”
— Stereogum


“Bittersweet, deliriously urgent indie-drone pop anthems”


“This refreshing, smarter side of the late ’80s has yet to be co-opted into a hipster fashion show”


“Bittersweet or downright self-destructive”
— PopMatters


“Lovesick and often melodramatic pop and fucking wild dance/disco-punk”
— Rose Quartz


“There’s no denying the magnetism of his best work”
— Prefix Magazine


“Harte’s little fingerprint-smudged slivers, so lovingly composed, are precious things,
and you’ll fast find yourself addicted to his sweet, glum love stories”


“Inheritors of the national pretty-noise gene”
— Rolling Stone


“Raw, energetic, emotional”
— Clash Music


“Drenching guitar sounds” —
NPR All Songs Considered


“It rips”


“Shocking Pinks’ brittle, noisy production also harks back to the golden age
of college rock in the late ’80s and early ’90s; in the best possible way”
— All Music Guide


“Flick-knife aggression… lovelorn ruminating… unexpected depth”
— Drowned In Sound


“Shocking Pinks sounds like the most idyllic rainy day ever…
It’s perfect for anyone who couldn’t wait for summer to end”