Autobiographical Playlists


I am working on a few documentation projects at the moment and to help navigate my way through I'm also building playlists on Spotify to go along with various major projects in my life. At this stage I am curating half a dozen, the first of which is below.

To follow me on Spotify so you can see any playlists you'd like to follow, go here: Ian Jorgensen on Spotify

Camp A Low Hum (Playlist Direct Link) - A playlist of artists who played CALH between 2007-2014, this will be updated at the start of each month to try and represent more of the massive amount of artists who played over the years. I am limiting the list to 100 tracks, there are hundreds of artists to feature, so come back and check out regularly!

I am trying to also establish an exhaustive list of bands that played in the renegade room over the years too, might make a playlist for that too. 

Other playlists I have in the works are:

A Low Hum - Acts who I released (on compilations or on my label), toured with me, played at any show I hosted or played at any of the non-Camp events (ie: A Low Hum House, 15 Years of ALH, Field of Dreams, Big City Dreams, Square Wave etc...)

Blink - Acts I have photographed from 2000 to now

Puppies - This could be two playlists, one a list of acts who played, another a list of the music that we partied to those two and a bit years.