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Live performance




Event Design

Live Performance

Currently performing live original house/techno music using a Deluge. Performs under the names: A Low Hum, Ian Jorgensen, Ian Jorg and Jesus HTML Christ.

Live performance videos: ONE // TWO



f11 Magazine, Issue 42, April 2015 (40 page spread): VIEW FEATUREHERE
Photographers Mail. Issue 205, Mar-Apr 2015 (3 page spread) VIEW FEATURE HERE
Pro Photographer Magazine. Issue 10, Feb/Mar 2015. (4 page spread). VIEW FEATURE HERE


Solo exhibition: 'A Movement' - College of Creative Arts, Wellington, New Zealand (October 2015)

Solo exhibition: 'A Movement' - Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand. (March 2015)

Solo Exhibition: 'Blink' - Marion Street Studios, Wellington, New Zealand

(Late 2003)

March-April 2015. 'Movement' release tour:
Slowboat Records, RPM Records, Unity Books, Hedleys Books, Scorpio Books & Timeout Bookstore.

REVIEWS of 'Movement'

“Remarkable. Some of the best rock’n’ roll photographs you’ll see”
Russell Brown. (Public Address)


“A stunning visual history of Kiwi music. The cultural life of the nation.” FULL TEXT HERE
Grant Smithies. (The Sunday Star Times)


“What’s great about these books is the sense that Jorgensen wasn’t just observing dispassionately, butright there on the stage, or in the rehearsal room, or at the party.“
Gary Steel (Metro Magazine)


“A weighty artefact - a decade and a half of live New Zealand music. Energy, passion and humour radiate from these images.”

4 Stars.

Nick Bollinger (The Listener)


“Epic”. “Stunning”.

Martyn Pepperell, Fish Head Magazine


“Unparalleled as a turn of the century documentary of contemporary music in this country”
Tim Steele (f11 Magazine)


Music videos 

Music videos filmed, directed and edited by Ian Jorgensen (unless otherwise noted)

Shocking Pinks - Double Vision Version

Secret Knives - Black Hole (cinematography only)
Die! Die! Die! - Wasted Lands

OLD CLIPS - These were all uploaded mid 00's when video resolution was much lower, so yeah, they look kinda shit now......
So So Modern - Loose Threads and Theramins
Die! Die! Die! - Out of the Blue
Ghostplane - The Straight and Narrow
Batrider - Number One
Ghostplane - Silver Culture
Ghostplane - In Blue Light

Film Projects

A Low Hum House (Short Film)

(additional videography by Ryan Harte)

DIY Touring the World (Six-part web-series)

(Directed, edited and co-written by Ash Smith)



An improvisation project where I took normal MP3s then using software and a DJ mixer, manipulated them to build brand new songs, sometimes playing live drums alongside. Initially Bono live performances only featured manipulation of U2 songs, though at some performances I used other similar stadium pop tracks. Bono was one the projects I used as a way of questioning what it is about music that people enjoy or not.

A live video of a Bono performance is to the right.

Numerous live performances from 2010-2013

Appeared on:
"These Bands Could Be Your Life" (Hell is Now Love Records, 2010)

Ian Jorgensen (live performances around NZ 2013)

September 2013 I performed live sets in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. These sets were an extension of the territory I'd been exploring with Bono, but instead approached music by New Zealand artists, making sets entirely out of NZ songs - remixing, sampling and fucking with underground tracks, under-rated tracks, cheesy classics and sometimes mixing with house/electro tracks. These sets were all done entirely on-the-fly with no preparation, 100% improvised. Recordings of these sets will can be found HERE

Live and DJ sets

Performing sporadically under various names and guises. Sometimes as Ian Jorgensen, sometimes as Blink, sometimes as Piano Reeves or APRA/AMCOS though most often as Jesus HTML Christ. Live on a Deluge, as a DJ using Traktor and controller.

From 2019, performing as "Ian Jorgensen" or "Ian J". Video to the right of a performance at 121 Carlucci Land, festival


Designed multiple-stage, music festivals from 2007-Now, including:
(Links to highlight videos)

Camp A Low Hum 2007
Camp A Low Hum 2008
Camp A Low Hum 2009
Fields of Dreams 2009
Camp A Low Hum 2010
Big City Dreams 2010
Camp A Low Hum 2011
Fields of Dreams 2011
Camp A Low Hum 2012
Camp A Low Hum 2013
Camp A Low Hum 2014 (un-official video)
A Low Hum House 2014

Shocking Pinks - Double Vision Version

Bono - Live at Puppies