Competition Winner!


Thanks for everyone who entered. Was so cool to see how many of these characters people remembered, some especially were incredibly rare. The winner of the competition correctly identified 35 of the 50 characters.

This was a really tough competition. Most of the original posters are not able to found online, some of the characters look very different, in some cases there are a couple of posters for the same event, and in one case (to try trip some up), two characters from the same poster.

The full list is below. For the tours I accepted the entry as long as one correct band was listed.

There were only 3 characters that nobody guessed correctly.

20 The octopus with balloons was from CALH2011 (By Sei Rey Ho). Super tricky as I'm pretty sure I only ever used that one briefly and on social media.

46 (The Nose) was from CALH2013, the official tshirt (By Nicholas French) where the Camp A Low Hum type was made out of noses. You can see part of that poster on my Youtube channel

49 was from The End of Puppies (By David Kilgour). This poster was only online for a short while and was a teaser until I announced the line-up with a different.

1    CALH 2008

2    The Sneaks, Shaky Hands and Thought Creature
3    CALH2011
4    The Bats (Puppies)
5    Liam Finn (Puppies)
6    The Phoenix Foundation, Cassette, Phelps and Munro
7    Disasteradio 'Charisma' NZ tour
8    My Disco / The Evens 'Double Header'
9    A Low Hum at Vogelmorn (Spring Break, Disasteradio, Race Banyon, Jon Lemmon)
10    CALH2010
11    Connan and the Mockasins, The Chandeliers, Hot Swiss Mistress
12    Yacht, Panther
13    So So Modern, Collapsing Cities, Frase & Bri, Alps
14    The Fantastical Blink Band
15    Dan Deacon Ensemble 
16    Street Chant (Puppies)
17    Connan and the Mockasins, Whipping Cats, Grand Prix
18    CALH2008
19    CALH2010
20    CALH2011
21    Szo Szo Modern/So So Modern (Puppies)
22    All Together Now (Best of A Low Hum - 2005)
23    Coolies, Cortina, Golden Axe, Disasteradio
24    Samuel Flynn Scott, Seth Frightening (Puppies)
25    CALH2009 (I also accepted CALH2010 as both had "cool cats" with sunglasses)
26    CALH2008
27    Degrees K, Ejector
28    CALH2009 
29    CALH2007
30    NYE2013
31    Mt. Eerie
32    The Bloody Souls, Don Julio and the Hispanic Mechanic, Mysterious Tapeman, Rock and Roll Machine
33    A Low Hum House
34    CALH 2007
35    CALH 2008
36    CALH 2007
37    Shocking Pinks, The Inkling
38    CALH2014
39    CALH2010
40    Leno Lovecraft 'EP Release' shows
41    So So Modern, Cut Off Your Hands
42    CALH2014
43    CALH2009 
44    Disasteradio, Kill Surf City, Voom
45    CALH2009 
46    CALH2013
47    So So Modern, Teen Wolf
48    CALH2014
49    The End of Puppies 
50    Die! Die! Die! French Horns, Vacants, Yokel Ono