A Low Hum

Thanks for making a deposit on the payment plan for a ticket to Camp A Low Hum!

There are multiple ways you can make the balance payments:

If you have a New Zealand bank account, use this method:

For EACH ticket you have made a deposit for. 

  1. Please set up a re-occurring monthly bill payment from your bank to:
    CALH 02-0568-0071530-000
  2. Set the first payment to be $60 on June 1, 2023. 
  3. Set the final payment to be on September 1, 2023.
  4. The should mean a further four payments totalling $240
  5. In the details put:
    Particulars: CALH
    Code: Your five digit ‘Ticket Code’ 

Do this for EACH ticket. If you purchased multiple tickets, please set up a seperate re-occurring payment for each different 'Ticket Code'

If your bank won't allow you to set up more than one AP to the same account, with the same amount and the same code and you have multiple to pay, just do one monthly payment for all combined.

In that case, put just one of the Ticket Codes in the Code details. (I'll work out the rest)

You won’t hear a confirmation from me each month of your payment, you’ll only hear from me if your payment doesn’t go through.

In September I’ll send you an email confirming that all payments are received and your ticket is validated!

Thank you! If you don’t understand what I’ve outlined above, please ask your bank to help you, if you’re still stuck, email me back :) (alowhum@gmail.com)

If you have an Australian bank account, use this method:

Follow the instructions as above, except amount should be $56 AUD each month, and use the the following Australian account details:

Account name: Ian Jorgensen
BSB code: 802-985
Account number: 612922936
Bank address: Wise, 36-38 Gipps Street Collingwood 3066 Australia

Pay by credit card or debit card

If from outside of NZ or Australia, or if you just to want to pay with credit card or debit card, click on the 'PayPal Subscribe' button below

Then choose 'Pay with Debit Card or Credit Card'. If you don't have a PayPal account, just enter your email address for 'guest' payment.
This will then ask you to make a payment of $62.15 (the extra $2.15 to cover card processing/admin fees).
This actually sets up a monthly subscription that ends after four payments

If you hover above the amount asked, you'll see the details (as per image below the button)
Ignore their poor wording of  'renews until you cancel' - it will stop after 4
instalments (as stated) - unless you stop it prior to completion.

If you use this payment method (as it won't allow a reference to be entered), please email me (alowhum@gmail.com) after you've made the first payment and let me know the email address you used to set-up the subscription and the Ticket Code it's for and I'll connect the dots :)
Sorry, these can only be done individually. 

Screenshot showing how your payment is set up 

Can't be bothered with this mess and you just wanna pay off in one lump sum?

If you just wanna get this over with, you can just pay in one lump sum (with credit or debit card) or to my NZ or AU bank accounts as listed above.

If withe credit/debit card, Click here to do so. 

If you want to pay lump sum with bank transfer, just follow the steps in the examples above, but instead of a re-occuring payment of $60, just make a one-off payment of $240 per ticket.

Please do this once per ticket (if you have multiple).

If paying via debit/credit card and PayPal account matches the name you used to buy tickets with, easy, you'll receive an email from me within a week validating everything. If the name on the PayPal account differs from the name of the ticket buyer, email me: alowhum@gmail.com and give me a heads up :)