A LOW HUM events history

Below is an attempt at a definitive list of shows I have promoted

The list does not include shows that I booked but did not promote, or where I worked as a hired hand - tour managing or assisting only.
The various world tours I have been on have only been listed as one event. To also save space, also each national tour is just one line with the cities I visited.

As of Feb 2018, totals 560 Shows (not including shows on the world tours).
If you include shows I also tour managed, the world tours would add another roughly 230+ to that.

04.11.02   Ejector EP Release Party - Onlsow College, Wellington

19.04.03    Ghostplane 'Sampler' release party - Indigo, Wellington

25.05.03    'Unamped' - Purple Onion Cafe, Wellington

09.2003    Degrees K & Ejector NZ Tour - Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown, Nelson, Palmerston North, Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington

21.09.03    A Low Hum (Second Edition Zine) Launch Party - Bodega, Wellington (Phoenix Foundation, Batrider, Marystaple, Crumb, Paselode, Cherry, Stylus 77, Ghostplane and more)

10.2003    'Volume' release party, Indigo, Wellington

14.03.04    Ghostplane 'Panther Valley Country Club' release party - Indigo, Wellington

04.2004    A Low Hum Tour 1 (Batrider) - Nelson (w Dappled Cities Fly), Lyttelton (w Stefan van Soest), Dunedin (w Stefan van Soest), Hamitlon (with Die Die Die), Auckland (with Die Die Die), Wellington (with Die Die Die).

05.2004    A Low Hum Tour 2 (Ghostplane) - Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin, Auckland (with Fang), Napier (with Fang), Wellington (with Fang)

06.2004    A Low Hum Tour 3 (Fanatics & Disasteradio) - Nelson, Lyttelton, Dunedin, Queenstown, Palmerston North (with Golden Axe), Wellington (with Golden Axe), New Plymouth (with Golden Axe), Auckland (with Golden Axe)

07.2004    A Low Hum Tour 4 (Degrees K) - Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown, Auckland, Hamilton, Ohakune, Wellington

08.2004    A Low Hum Tour 5 (The Accelerants) - Christchurch, Invercargill, Dunedin, Hamilton, Auckland, Wellington, Palmerston North, New Plymouth

10.08.04   The Fantastical Blink Band - Indigo, Wellington

10.2004    A Low Hum Tour 6 (Phoenix Foundation, Cassette, Phelps & Munro) - Christchurch, Dunedin, Napier, Hamilton, Auckland, Wellington

11.2004    A Low Hum Tour 7 (Cortina, Golden Axe, Coolies, Disasteradio) - Nelson, Lyttelton, Dunedin, Hamilton, Auckland, Palmerston North, Wellington

12.2004    A Low Hum Tour 8 (Gerling) - Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland

03.2005    A Low Hum Tour 9 (Shocking Pinks, The Inkling) - Wellington, Palmerston North, Auckland, Leigh, Motueka, Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown

04.2005    A Low Hum Tour 10 (Connan and the Mockasins, The Chandeliers, Hot Swiss Mistress) - Christchurch, Dunedin, New Plymouth, Napier, Palmerston North, Wellington, Hamilton, Auckland

21.05.05   'All Together Now' - The Best of A Low Hum (Batrider, Cassette, The Accelerants, Phelps & Munro, Disasteradio, The Chandeliers, Golden Axe) - Indigo, Wellington

09.2005    Ghostplane 'Beneath the Sleepy Lagoon' release tour (with Mestar) - Auckland, Napier, Wellington, Motueka, Christchurch, Dunedin

11.2005    Local Knowledge + ALHDVD2 release tour (So So Modern, Teen Wolf) - Auckland, Hamilton, Motueka, Christchurch (x2), Dunedin (x2), Timaru, Palmerston North, Wellington

12.11.05    Ghostplane (Loud Show with Over the Atlantic) - Happy, Wellington

13.11.05    Ghostplane (Quiet Show with Good Laika) - Happy, Wellington

21.01.06    "Not Enough DJs' (17 bands) - Edens Bar, Auckland

02.2006    A Low Hum Tour 11 (Die Die Die, French Horns, Yokel Ono, The Vacants) - Auckland, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Wellington (x2), Motueka, Nelson, Christchurch (x2), Dunedin (x2)

03.2006    A Low Hum Tour 12 (Connan and the Mockasins, Whipping Cats, Gran Prix) - Auckland, Hamilton, Motueka, Christchurch (x2), Dunedin (x2), Timaru, Wellington (x2)

04.2006    A Low Hum Tour 13 (The Reduction Agents, Over the Atlantic, The Undercurrents) - Hamilton, Auckland, Wellington, Palmerston North, Christchurch (x2), Dunedin (x2)

05.2006    A Low Hum Tour 14 (Disasteradio, Voom, Kill Surf City) - Hamilton, Auckland, Motueka, Nelson, Christchurch (x2), Dunedin (x2), Wellington (x2), Palmerston North

06.2006    A Low Hum Tour 15 (The Sneaks, Shaky Hands, Thought Creature) - Hamilton (x2), Auckland, Takapuna, Nelson, Christchurch (x2), Dunedin (x2), Wellington (x2), Palmerston North

07.2006    Over the Atlantic 'Junica' release tour - Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch

08.2006    A Low Hum Tour 16 (Jakob, City City City, Operation Rolling Thunder) - Auckland, Hamilton (x2), Takapuna, New Plymouth, Whanganui, Nelson, Christchurch (x2), Dunedin (x2), Invercargill, Oamaru, Barrytown, Palmerston North (x2), Wellington (x2)

09.2006    A Low Hum Tour 17 (So So Modern, Collapsing Cities, Frase+Bri, Alps) - Auckland, Hamilton (x2), Takapuna, Nelson, Motueka, Christchurch (x2), Dunedin (x2), Wellington (x2), Palmerston North

10.2006    A Low Hum Tour 18 (The Ruby Suns, Odessa, The Bengal Lights) - Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch (x2), Dunedin (x2)

10.2006    Thought Creature residency - MVP Bar, Wellington (four shows)

14.10.06    Over the Atlantic US tour fundraiser - MVP Bar, Wellington

11.2006    A Low Hum Tour 19 (The Rock and Roll Machine, The Bloody Souls, The Mysterious Tapeman, Don Julio and the Hispanic Mechanic) - Auckland (x2), Hamilton, Waihi, Nelson, Christchuch (x2), Dunedin (x2), Palmerston North, Whanganui, Wellington (x2) 

11.2006    So So Modern residency - MVP bar, Wellington (four shows)

12.2006    A Low Hum Tour 20 (Disasteradio, Ghostplane, Frase+Bri, Phelps and Munro, Signer) - Christchurch (x2), Dunedin (x2), Wellington, Auckland

31.12.06    ALH NYE - Bodega, Wellington

07.02.07    Camp A Low Hum - Brookfield Outdoor Education Centre, Wainuiomata

02.2007    My Disco + So So Modern + Disasteradio + Frase+Bri - Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Whanganui, Nelson, Lyttelton, Christchurch (x2), Dunedin

03.2007    The Evens - Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, Sumner, Dunedin

242 shows

07.2007    So So Modern + Cut Off Your Hands - Auckland (x2), Hamilton, Whanganui, Napier, Palmerston North (x2), Wellington (x2), Nelson, Barrytown, Dunedin (x2), Christchurch (x2)

08.2007    CALH 2008 Launch Parties - Christchurch (Yacht + Panther), Dunedin (Yacht + Panther), Wellington, Auckland

08.08.07    Yacht + Panther - Indigo, Wellington

09.2007    Craftwerk + A Low Hum Tour - Auckland (x2), Hamilton, Wellington (x2), Dunedin, Christchurch

09.2007    Disasteradio 'Visions' Release tour - Auckland, Wellington, Palmerston North, Christchurch, Dunedin

12.2007    Connan and the Mockasins + Cassette - Wellington, Auckland

31.12.07    ALH NYE - Bodega, Wellington

06.02.08    Camp A Low Hum - Tatum Park, Ohau

11.04.08    Over the Atlantic tour fundraising show - Bodega, Wellington

04-09.2008    Over the Atlantic World Tour - USA, Germany, UK, France, Netherlands, Australia

11.2008    Over the Atlantic NZ Tour - Auckland, Wellington, Whanganui

12.12.08    So So Modern + Over the Atlantic - The Tug Boat, Oriental Parade, Wellington

04.02.09    Camp A Low Hum Pre Party (Toecutter, The E.L.F) - Mighty Mighty, Wellington

04.02.09    Camp A Low Hum - Camp Wainui, Wainuiomata

2009          Disasteradio World Tour

29.08.09    Disasteradio homecoming party - Mighty Mighty, Wellington

19.09.09    Over the Atlantic - Mighty Mighty, Wellington

10.2009    So So Modern NZ Tour - Whanganui, Lyttelton, Dunedin, Christchurch (x2), Wellington

30.10.09    Melbourne Showcase event - The Curtin, Melbourne

07.11.09    Disasteradio Europe Tour Fundraiser - Bodega, Wellington

11.2009    Disasteradio Europe Tour

11.12.09    Gaywyre EP release party - Bodega, Wellington

31.12.09    Fields of Dreams - Camp Wainui, Wainuiomata

26.01.10    Campus A Low Hum - Flock House, Bulls

29.01.10    The Dodos + Daedelus - Bodega, Wellington

05.2010    Grayson Gilmour 'Constellation' album release tour - Auckland (x2), Christchurch, Dunedin

07.2010    Die Die Die 'Form' release tour - Auckland (x3), Hamilton (x2), Mt. Maunganui, Gisborne, Napier, Levin, Wellington (x2), Palmerston North, Whanganui, Nelson, Barrytown, Lyttelton, Christchurch (x2), Dunedin (x2), Oamaru, Timaru, Ohakune, West Auckland

10.2010    Disasteradio 'Charisma' release parties - Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Whanganui

31.12.10    Big City Dreams - Garden Club, Wellington

04.02.11    Leno Lovecraft (Ep Release) - Cassette 9, Auckland

05.02.11    Campus A Low Hum - Flock House, Bulls

16.02.11    Toro Y Moi, High Places, Captain Ahab - Garden Club, Auckland

26.02.11    Leno Lovecraft (EP Release) - Goodbye Blue Monday, Christchurch (GIG CANCELED BECAUSE OF EARTHQUAKE)

16.04.11    Disasteradio World Tour leaving party - The Garden Club, Wellington

2011          Disasteradio World Tour

10.2011    Disasteradio 'Charisma' 12" NZ release tour - Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Whanganui, Wellington

11.2011    Flying Nun 30th anniversary (F in Math + Alphabethead) - Christchurch, Dunedin, Lyttelton, Auckland, Wellington

11.2011    Flying Nun 30th anniversary (The Clean + The Subliminals) - Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin

11.2011    Flying Nun 30th anniversary (HDU) - Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Dunedin

11.2011    Flying Nun 30th anniversary (The Bats) - Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland

11.2011    Flying Nun 30th anniversary (Shayne P. Carter + Ghostclub) Christchurch, Dunedin

11.2011    Flying Nun 30th anniversary (Ghostclub) Wellington, Auckland

11.2011    Flying Nun 30th anniversary (Tribute Nights) - Dunedin, Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch 
(shows also happened in Melbourne, Brisbane and New York which I didn't promote)

11.2011    Flying Nun 30th anniversary (The Verlaines) - Wellington

11.2011    Flying Nun 30th anniversary (Sharpie Crows) - Wellington

11.2011    Flying Nun 30th anniversary (Fetus Productions) - Auckland

11.2011    Flying Nun 30th anniversary (Popstrangers + Grayson Gilmour + Surf Friends + Badd Energy + T54) - Auckland, Wellington

18.01.12   Regurgitator - San Fran, Wellington

02.2012    The Dan Deacon Ensemble + Golden Axe - Auckland, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin

10.02.12    Camp A Low Hum - Camp Wainui, Wainuiomata

02.2012    Aa - Whanganui, Wellington, Auckland

01.06.12    DIY Touring the World release tour. (St. Eden [Yvnalesca], Teen Fortress, Gearloose), Darkroom, Christchurch
02.06.12 .  DIY Touring the World release tour. (T54, The Blueness, Scattered Brains of the Lovely Union, Strange Harvest), The National, Dunedin

08.06.12  DIY Touring the World release tour. (Disasteradio, Golden Axe, Quarks, Name UL) Mighty Mighty, Wellington
09.06.12 . DIY Touring the World release tour. (Bookself, Emily Edrosa, Ghost Wave, Mean Girls, Headaches, Shanalog, Carb on Carb, Totems, Ralph) . Wine Cellar and Whammy, Auckland


Oct 2012-July 2014 Puppies Bar, Wellington. Artists whose shows I promoted, all at Puppies in Wellington were:

25.12.12    The Phoenix Foundation

01.02.13    Brandonfest

12.02.13    Die Die Die + Per Purpose + Secret Knives

13.02.13    Pictureplane + Roland Tings + Scraps

15.02.13    Snapper + All Seeing Hand

16.02.13    Snapper + Golden Axe

01.03.13    Chicks on Speed

15.03.13    Golden Axe + Quarks + Eyeliner

23.03.13    Suren Unka + Nat Wlkr

30.03.13    Samuel Flynn Scott & the B.O.P + Athuzela Brown

05.04.13    So So Modern

06.04.13    Szo Szo Modern 

19.04.13    KCB Party

20.04.13    David Kilgour + Salad Boys

26.04.13    Mongo Skato + West Coast Bullies

27.04.13    Guerre

11.05.13    Spring Break

18.05.13    Tiny Ruins

01.06.13    Rackets + The Dobermen

07.06.13    Beastwars

08.06.13    Beastwars (night two)

15.06.13    Surf City

22.06.13    BATTLE (Race Banyon vs Totems vs Blink vs Prom Queen)

29.06.13    Secret Knives + Glass Vaults

20.07.13    Street Chant

16.08.13    Razorwyre

20.09.13    Mark McGuire

12.10.13    Salad Boys

13.10.13    Prince Rama

25.10.13    Disasteradio

14.11.13    Square Wave Festival. 17 shows at Puppies

20.12.13    A KCB Xmas

31.12.14    Tiny Ruins

04.02.14    Liam Finn

10.02.14    The Clean + Day Ravies

11.02.14    Making + Holy Ghost Party + Shocking and Stunning

12.02.14    Dope Body + Trust Punks

15.02.14    Kirin J Callinan

21.03.14    Grayson Gilmour + Lontalius

22.03.14    Grayson Gilmour + I.E Crazy

28.03.14    Glass Vaults + Estere + Iryoko

03.04.14    Samuel Flynn Scott & The B.O.P

05.04.14    Disasteradio + Golden Axe + Power Nap

11.04.14    Orchestra of Spheres

18.04.14    The Final BATTLE

19.04.14    KCB presents

25.04.14    All Seeing Hand - Return of the Blob

26.04.14    Samin Son x A Low Hum

03.05.14    Shocking Pinks + Bespin

09.05.14    Tommy Ill + Alphabethead

10.05.14    Rackets

17.05.14    Street Chant

23.05.14    The Bats with Terror of the Deep

24.05.14    The Bats with Salad Boys

30.05.14    Lawrence Arabia

31.05.14    Lawrence Arabia

01.06.14    Lawrence Arabia

07.06.14    Race Banyon

13.06.14    Tiny Ruins + Athuzela Brown

14.06.14    Tiny Ruins + Nadia Reid

18.06.14    3CH∆IN$&A†∆•NGA

20.06.14    The End of Puppies (night 1)

21.06.14    The End of Puppies (night 2)


31.12.12    Fields of Dreams 2, Camp Wainui

02.2013    Mount Eerie - Auckland, Wellington, Barrytown, Marahau, Lyttelton, Dunedin

05.2013    Kirin J Callinan - Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin

11.2013    Alba - Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington  (as part of Square Wave Festival)

11.2013    Heatsick - Dunedin, Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington, Palmerston North (as part of Square Wave Festival)

11.2013    Roland Tings - Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington (as part of Square Wave Festival)

11.2013    Oscar Key Sung - Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington (as part of Square Wave Festival)

11.2013    Donny Benet - Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington (as part of Square Wave Festival)

06.02.14    Camp A Low Hum, Camp Wainui, Wainuiomata

08.11.14    Race Banyon + Spring Break + Disasteradio + Jon Lemmon - Vogelmorn Hall, Brooklyn

31.12.14    A Low Hum House (NYE) - Crossing Backpackers, National Park

12.03.15    Lontalius - Hamish McKay Gallery

13.03.15    Totems, Yvnalesca, Career Girls, Mongo Skato, Jon Lemmon - Aro Valley Community Hall, Wellington

14.03.15    Camp A Movement - Camp Wainui, Wainuiomata

15.03.15    Xanadu - RPM, Wellington

15.03.15    Liam Finn + Sarah Mary Chadwick + Secre Knives (solo) - Newtown Community Theatre, Wellington

16.03.15    Liam Finn + Sarah Mary Chadwick + Secre Knives (solo) - Tararua Tramping Clubrooms, Wellington

17.03.15    Sarah Mary Chadwick - Unity Books, Wellington

17.03.15    Liam Finn - Slowboat Record, Wellington

18.03.15    Sarah Mary Chadwick - Bruce McKenzie Books, Palmerston North

18.03.15    Film Screening - Stomach, Palmerston North

18.03.15    Shocking Pinks, Mongo Skato, Secret Knives (solo) - Great Job, Palmerston North

18.03.15    Sarah Mary Chadwick + Borrowed CS + Secret Knives - Wine Cellar, Auckland

19.03.15    Jon Lemmon (DJ set) - Golden Dawn, Auckland

20.03.15    Film Screening - Absolutely Trashed, Auckland

20.03.15    Shocking Pinks, Xanadu, Caroles, Riki Gooch, Mongo Skato - Kings Arms, Auckland

21.03.15    Jon Lemmon, Totems, Career Girls, Fly Nights, Team Cat Food - Absolutely Trashed, Auckland

26.03.15    Sarah Mary Chadwick - Hedleys Books

27.03.15    Mongo Skato, Xanadu, Shocking Pinks, Sarah Mary Chadwick, Borrowed CS, Secret Knives (solo) - Lyttelton

28.03.15    Mongo Skato, Xanadu, Shocking Pinks, Sarah Mary Chadwick, Borrowed CS, Secret Knives (solo) - Dunedin

05.06.15    Return to Puppies - Puppies, Wellington

06.06.15    Return to Puppies (Night two) - Puppies, Wellington

28.08.15    Shocking Pinks going away party - Whammy Bar, Auckland

05.09.15    Shocking Pinks going away party - Puppies, Wellington

10.2015    Shocking Pinks World Tour (USA, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, China, Australia)

12.2015    Shocking Pinks NZ Tour - Auckland, Barrytown, Marahau, Christchurch, Dunedin, Wellington, Lyttelton

31.12.15    ALHxNYExSEA - Boat Cafe, Wellington

26.2.16      My Disco, P.H.F, Lucy Cliche (didn't show - replaced by Niisa) - Kings Arms, Auckland

27.2.16      My Disco, P.H.F, Lucy Cliche (didn't show - replaced by Race Banyon), Totems, Kangaroo Skull, Mermaidens - San Fran, Wellington

06.04.16    'Colours 001' with Race Banyon, k2k - Caroline, Wellington

13.04.16     'Colours 002' with Borrowed CS, Mannheim Rocket, Cave Circles - Caroline, Wellington

20.04.16     'Colours 003' with Name UL, Pastel Economy - Caroline, Wellington

27.04.16    'Colours 004' with Yvnalesca, Ludus (DJ set), Leo G Clark - Caroline, Wellington

22.10.16    Deluge Launch Party - Golden Dawn, Auckland.

                  Deluge event at Valhalla

30.12.16    15 Years of A Low Hum (2 days) - Tatum Park, Ohau

30.12.16    Shayne Carter, Tiny Ruins & Pikelet - Meow, Wellington

06.17        Disasteradio 'Oh Yeah' Launch Party, Caroline, Wellington

09.17        Deluge NZ Demo tour - Auckland (x2), Whanganui, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin

09.17        Disasteradio 'Sweatshop' album release tour. Hamilton, Whanganui, Palmerston North, Wellington (with Yumi Zouma), Christchurch, Dunedin

01.18        Neil and Liam Finn "Where's My Room" Tour: Piha, Warkworth, Waipu, Kaiwaka, Absurdistan, Tauhei, Tirohanga, Pirongia, Pukekohe, Waipawa, Himatangi Beach,                 Paekakariki, Akaroa, Oxford, lake Tekapo, Hawea Flat, Arrowtown, Purekireki, Milton

06.18       Synthstrom Audible 'Deluge' Summer Europe Tour: Melbourne, Sydney, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Haarlem, Eindhoven, Cologne, Bristol, London, Paris ( I also                 performed sets in Athens and Meteora, but didn't book those, so haven't included in total)

07.18       Eyeliner 'Buy Now' vinyl release shows. USA: Bishop, San Fran, Arcata, Portland, Seattle   (tour also went to LA and San Diego, but I didn't book those)

08.18        Synthstrom Audible 'Deluge' US events:  Los Angeles, NYC, Portland, Seattle, San Fran and New Jersey (I also performed sets in Chicago and Homer at events I didn't                 organise, so they aren't included in total)

11.18        Eyeliner 'Buy Now' vinyl release shows. Auckland (with Power Nap, Satin Sheets), Wellington (with Power Nap, Ludus)

11.18        All Deluge, All Night - Whammy Back Room, Auckland

585 shows.