A Low Hum

Poster by Lily Paris West

It's been ten years. 

Let's do this, two more times.

Camp A Low Hum 

Camp Wainui, Wainuiomata. 

Weekend 1: Feb 15-18, 2024 SOLD OUT!

Weekend 2: Feb 22-25, 2024 SOLD OUT!

Purchase car passes 

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CAMP A LOW HUM Facebook event

  • 3 days and 4 nights
  • 8 stages/environments 
  • No separation between artist and attendee. No backstage or VIP areas
  • Swimming
  • Come and go as you wish, plenty of shade and spaces away from music when you need
  • Flushing toilets, community and the best time of your life

The three videos below are of previous Camp's in 2009, 2012 and 2013, all held at Camp Wainui.
Highlight videos from non-Camp Wainui Camp's can be found here


The following questions are answered below:

Where is Camp?
When is Camp?
Camp is two weekends now?

I have tickets for one of the weekends, how can I swap to the other one?
How much is Camp?

I'm anxious about the ticket and 'extras' buying process. How will this work?

Do you offer a payment plan?
Can I play Camp?
Can I book a Renegade set?

Where do we stay? 

Food and drinks?

 If I'm tenting for four nights, how am I going to charge my phone? 

Is it true you don't announce who is playing? 

How do I get to Camp? 

Can I bring pets? 

Can i bring my kids? 

Can I volunteer for a ticket? 

Is this going to be a vomit-inducing nostalgia-fest? 

What happens if the event is canceled due to unforeseen events (pandemic, natural disaster etc)? 

What if I can no longer make it to the event. Can I sell my ticket? 

Are there official sideshows?

I want to attend but there is somebody I believe is a danger to me within the music community, and due to Camp not announcing the lineup, how can I be sure they won’t be there?

Where is Camp?

Surrounded by native bush and just a short drive from Wellington, Camp A Low Hum will held on the beautiful site that is Camp Wainui - 203 Coast Road, Wainuiomata.

When is Camp?

The gates will open at 2pm on Thursday 22nd February, 2024.

As always the load-in night is a time to get settled-in, explore, catch up with friends, get your camp book and plan your weekend. Bands will be sound-checking on stages, we’ll be doing lighting tests, there might be some last minute-rehearsals happening, some DJ or Karaoke parties will be happening but everything will be pretty low-key. 

I always recommend arriving on load-in night, this way you can be there from the very first performance, secure a great tenting spot and get a relaxed start to the weekend. Please note, if you arrive on Thursday you will not be able to leave again until after 11pm that evening. Traffic will be one way only until then. Bring everything you need.

The first scheduled performances will be from 10am Friday 16th (weekend 1) and 10am Friday 23rd (weekend 2). The last performance finishes at 2am Monday 19th (Weekend 1) and 2am Monday 26th (Weekend 2)

It is asked that everybody has left the site by midday on the 19th (weekend 1) and midday of the 26th (weekend 2), unless you have tickets for both weekends, or are performing both weekends, then you are welcome to stay on until weekend 2 starts.

I have tickets for one weekend, how can I swap to the other?

If one of the weekends sells out and you really wanted to go to that weekend, I suggest buying a ticket for the other weekend and trying to swap. I’m sure there will be many who buy tickets not all that fussed about which weekend, so it should hopefully all balance out.

How this process works:

Looking to trade? You can do this privately, or if publicly, do so on the Camp A Low Hum Facebook Group 

Make a listing saying what weekend you have a ticket to and that you're looking to trade.

If a listing on FB, as soon as someone contacts you interested, amend your post to add 'under offer' then email me: alowhum@gmail.com with the following:

1. Your 'Ticket Code'

2. The name and email address you used to purchase the tickets

3. The name and email address of the person you wish to trade tickets with.

I will email the transferee, confirm they are happy to transfer, and collect their details. 

Once everything is confirmed I will email you the CALH bank details for you to make an payment of $10 for administration costs. This is to be worn by the person initiating the trade. Once paid, I will cancel both and reissue new tickets for each party for the alternate weekend.

If you are looking to trade other items, ie: a furnished tent, car pass, etc. There is a $15 admin fee per transaction, so try trade everything to the one person before you split up items.

Once transfer is complete, please then remove your listing from the Facebook Group

We can only offer this validated ticket trading service until Feb 7th.

How much is Camp?

A ticket to Camp 2024 will cost $300 (NZD), that is for all three days and four nights. There are no hidden credit card or processing fees, that is all inclusive. This includes free tenting and also free bus rides to/from Woburn Station (Lower Hutt). 

The only additional costs will be if you choose to bring a car and use the car park- this will cost an additional $40 . Purchase car passes 

Car passes are only sold up until Feb 5th

A carpooling database is here: https://www.groupcarpool.com/t/7jf3tm

If you are wanting to sleep in your vehicle we do have a limited amount of passes available for self-contained campers/vans/wagons, etc - and we have a designated area (non-powered) for this. These passes will cost $25 'small' (less than 5m) or $40 'large' (5m or over, or if you have a small vehicle but also plan to pitch a tent alongside). If you purchase one of these, you must arrive by 9pm on Thursday 22nd. If you arrive later than this you will be have to park in the regular carpark (no exceptions). No rebates for additional passengers.  If you buy one of these, you do not also need a car pass. You will not be able to come and go in your vehicle during the event. You must arrive by 9pm on Thursday, and you cannot leave until Sunday evening (unless emergency).  We have free shuttles going every hour to the local shops if you need supplies.

There will be no single day passes available.

If attending both weekends, all of these tickets must be purchased twice - the event ticket, car passes, vehicle camping passes, etc. 

If you have two weekend event passes, you have free access to stay on the site on the 19th, 20th and 21st (the days between events)

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. Instead of buying a full price ticket, you will instead be able to make a $60 deposit.  You'll be emailed bank details and asked to make a payment of $60 on the monthly anniversary of your initial deposit for a further four months. If you miss a payment, you'll be sent one reminder. If you miss two payments you'll forfeit your initial deposit but be refunded any amount you've paid over that. Sorry, it's a lot of admin to keep track of these. You can opt to stop making payments at any time, but again, you'll lose your initial deposit. 

To complete your payments, follow instructions here: https://www.alowhum.com/calh-payment-plans

Can I play Camp?

Booked out. But you can book a renegade set - check next question in the FAQ

Can I book a 'Renegade' set?

Once you have purchased tickets, book in your spot here

Anything goes in the Renegade Room. You'll have twenty minutes to set-up and twenty minutes to perform. Though it doesn't strictly have to be a musical performance, a dedicated engineer, drum-kit, bass amp and guitar amps will be available. If you are bringing additional equipment for your performance, we can look after this for you at the Camp Store, however, you'll need to pay $10 per item to the people at the Store for them to keep it secure for the event - camp attendees are also welcome to do this for any valuables that you want us to look after during event. No trolling and throwing all your gear into one huge plastic bag and trying to check that, we'll call you out on it :)

With a pre-booked renegade set you can choose to have your playing time advertised in the book as well as a short description of your performance. You'll be emailed about this closer to the event.

If you've booked a renegade set and afterwards get offered a spot on the official bill, you'll be offered your ticket payment back as well as a performance fee. You can however, as one band did in 2013, decline an official spot and remain on the renegade bill - probably the most punk thing to happen since 1977.

If you pre-book and have an advertised set, you can't stick up posters on site. If you book a last minute set at the event, you can make up posters in the crafts room and throw them up around the site.

Where do we stay?

Every ticket includes free camping on-site. If you would prefer to stay off-site at accomodation in Lower Hutt or Wellington and leave each night, you must purchase a car-pass  (check 'How much is Camp' above) then you can come and go as you please. Any driver leaving the site after 6pm will be breath-tested upon leaving site, if failed, you’ll need to sleep under the stars at Camp.

For the first time, I’ll be making available the option of paying extra to have a tent all set up and ready for you when you arrive. These can either be fully set-up with mattress and bedding, or just an empty tent and you can bring your own gear. These will be on sale with tickets in April and I'm sure will make the experience much easier for many of you. We'll have everything setup and waiting for you when you arrive.

Below prices cover all four nights of the event. (Click here to see an image of the tent you can expect)

Empty tent (max 3 persons): $365

Empty  tent (max 5 persons): $450

Furnished tent - includes: mattress(es), fitted sheet, duvet(s), pillow, lighting (2 persons): $565

Furnished  tent - includes: mattress(es), fitted sheet, duvet(s), pillow, lighting (4 persons):  $700

These prices do not include a ticket to the event, these are add-on prices :) You don't have to rush to purchase these or purchase along with your ticket. You can take your time.

If you are planning on attending both weekends, you must purchase one of these for each weekend (however, you are welcome to stay in your tent the 19th, 20th and 21st no charge)

Food and drinks?

There will be a great selection of food vendors on-site and our Camp Store will also be selling snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. You are welcome to bring your own food and beverages as always. There are cooking facilities available on site but these will be popular so you may have to be patient. You can borrow pots and pans and some plates/cutlery from the Camp Store for $20 deposit (you receive back one you return everything fresh and clean). We will have regular buses shuttling people 5-mins down the road to Homedale Village to the shops (which include a Four Square, fish & chips, bakery, a dairy and Chinese takeaways)  for supplies every hour on the hour between 11am and 7pm. No alcohol is sold onsite.

To keep your supplies chill over the weekend, we will be selling bags of ice onsite from the Camp Store, though these must be pre-ordered - we’ll give all ticket holders plenty of advance notice on how to order ice. Bring your own chilly bin. There is a fire ban on-site so no gas cookers etc are allowed outdoors. You may bring a portable electric stove (ie, like these and use in the kitchen - if the existing stoves are already being used).

No glass is allowed onsite. For those wanting to bring beverages in glass, please prepare in advance, for example cans, goons or transferring before coming to plastic receptacles like fit for purpose plastic bottles. A little bit of planning and I'm sure you can work it out :)

There will be plenty of access to free drinking water onsite. Bring a reusable bottle with you, or you can buy one from the Camp Store.

Vendors should have  eftpos though it is a good idea to bring plenty of cash.

If I'm tenting for four nights, how am I going to charge my phone?

I'd really love to encourage people to try stay off their phones as much as possible during the event, and the reason you won't see a 'Camp App' or the timetable provided in digital form is I know from so much experience at events, every time you look at your phone to check what is happening, a cheeky minute or two checking your sites is always tempting. 

I don't want to be an egg though, I myself always need to have a phone handy and understand how frustrating it can be to not have access to power. You'll be able to charge your phone in the Camp Store - just $2 for a 4 hour charge (bring you own charging cable).

Is it true you don't announce who is playing?

Yes :) 

How do I get to Camp?

By Car? Use Googlemaps (203 Coast Road, Wainuiomata) It’s easy, you can’t miss it. Directions will be sent out prior to event, but it’s simple to find. 

30mins from Wellington CBD. 7.5 hours if coming from Auckland. 

Public transport? Use Metlinks' Journey Planner - enter your starting point (ie: suburb address, Wellington Airport, Train Station, Ferry Terminal, etc ) and then enter Woburn Station as your destination. The app will spit out the info you need, ie: to get from Wellington Airport to Woburn station will require one transfer at Wellington Railway Station, cost a total of $7 per adult and take around 1 hour.

I will have free buses collecting people from Woburn Station and taking to Camp at the following times:

Thursday Feb 15th (week 1) and 22nd (week 2): 2:30pm, 3:15pm, 4pm, 4:35pm, 5:15pm, 6pm, 6:40pm, 7:30pm, 8:30pm, 9.30pm

This trip will take around 20mins. You’ll receive your wristband and booklet on the bus and so when arrive at site you immediately disembark and get set-up. 

We will then have buses continually taking people from the site on Monday morning to Woburn Station from 9am on the 19th (week 1) and 26th (week 2).

A few weeks out from event I will email everybody further detailed information on this. 

Carpooling. Offer a ride, find a ride, or join a waitlist here: https://www.groupcarpool.com/t/7jf3tm

Shuttle Van If coming with a crew, you could share a shuttle, these are very cost effective. The cost of 9-11 people sharing a shuttle from the Airport (for example) to Camp will cost around $165-180. (less than $20 each) supershuttle.co.nz, || airportshuttleswellington.co.nz || taxis.co.nz/our-services/Shuttles.html || holidaytaxis.com/en/transfers/new-zealand/wellington-international-airport - Book these early including your return trip to not miss out. The address to give them for Camp is: 203 Coast Road, Wainuiomata.

Taxi There are also plenty of taxi companies that service the Hutt Valley/Wainuiomata - if you have an emergency and need to get back to Wellington, the cost of a taxi from Camp to the CBD will be around $80. 

Uber service the area, its around $50 if coming all the way from the city, from Woburn Station is around $25. If you need to get an Uber late at night, maybe book in advance.

Still stuck? Getting to camp is easy. If you are not able to arrange a carpool or you miss the time slots of our free buses, you can always jump on a Route 170 bus from Queensgate in Lower Hutt - jump off at Homedale Village and hang by the Four Square. You’ll see campers coming and going all day, plus we’ll have a shuttle going to and from there to camp every hour from 11am-7pm on the 23, 24th and 25th, so just jump on that.

We’d really encourage you to using public transport. Other than for the obvious environmental reasons, the amount of people who lose their car keys every year always blows me away. 

Can I bring pets?

If yours is a service/assistance dog, absolutely. Otherwise we ask that you please keep pets at home. Camp can be a stressful environment for animals.

Can I bring my kids?

Children are welcome at Camp, but I do have a few policies I’m sure you’ll understand 🙂

Any person under 12 years old must have two responsible adults with them. After checking in to the event you will be required to go check in with our onsite childcare services (you’ll be directed when you arrive)

There you will fill in a form with the name/s of the child/children you are responsible for and the names and phone numbers of both adults caring for them. You must also show a copy of your car pass: to bring a child on site, you must have a car and one of the caregivers must remain sober at all times.

After your tickets are purchased, please email alowhum@gmail.com (subject: child registration) with the names and ages (as they will be of Feb 1, 2024) of any children (12 years or under) you are planning on bringing.

No ticket is required for children under 6 years of age at 1st Feb, 2024. 

Children 6 or over at 1st Feb, 2024 require a normal ticket for entry, we are unable to offer a discounted ticket sorry.

We will have a space on-site those 12 and under (and caregivers) can chill and do activities from 9am-9pm each day (not including the Thursday load-in’s). 

Children must have adequate hearing protection (plugs/ear muffs) and if we have reports that kids are distressed, not adequately looked after or causing grief for other attendees, please have a plan in place if we ask you to remove your child from the site. 

Can I volunteer in exchange for a ticket?

Absolutely, please check here for more info and how to apply. 

Is this just going to be a vomit-inducing, nostalgia-fest?

Though there will be of course be a bunch of bands everybody will be familiar with from the earlier Camps, the vast majority of artists will be new to Camp. I've already spent the last 12 months building a long-list of amazing bands and will be traveling Australia and NZ multiple times scouring for the best new and newish bands over the coming months. 

What happens if the event is canceled due to unforeseen events (pandemic, natural disaster etc)?

It would have to be the most extra-ordinary circumstances for Camp to be canceled, but having lived through the last few years we’ve come to understand shit can get crazy. I understand that many will be traveling from overseas and around the country, there will flights, accomodation and all manner of costs people will incur. Everything will be on the table, even if I need to change location a few days out - I’ll move heaven and earth to make this work. In the event of a cancelation, partial refunds will be made. I will be transparent with all upfront expenses that can't be recouped and will refund everything else. 

What if I can no longer make it to the event. Can I sell my ticket?

Be very careful if buying an on-sold ticket, the original ticket holder could make a copy of their original and still attend and if they are the first to arrive.

To protect both buyers and sellers, we will offer a service where for $10 we will invalidate the original ticket and reissue to new purchaser.  This service will only be on offer till Feb 7,2024. If you see a ticket for sale after then, it can't be validated by us and is at the buyers risk. (SELLING AND TRADING TICKETS AFTER FEB 7th?)

Note if selling publicly, this process should take place on the CALH Facebook Group. Apologies to those without FB accounts (respect), you may have to sign up solely for this. This is so I can monitor this process and make sure no scamming takes place.

How this process works:

You can then list the ticket/s for sale on Camp A Low Hum Facebook Group (or privately to friends, etc)

You can offer your ticket/s & add-ons for no more than face value, plus the $10 admin fee.

If a listing on FB, as soon as someone contacts you interested, amend your post to add 'under offer' then email me: alowhum@gmail.com with the following:

1. Your "Ticket Code'

2. The name and email address you used to purchase the tickets

3. The name and email address of the person you wish to transfer the tickets to

4. Your bank account details

If you are selling other items, ie: a furnished tent, car pass, etc. There is a $10 admin fee per transaction, so try sell everything to the one person before you split up items.

I will confirm that your ticket is valid to be sold, please then amend your post to say 'awaiting payment'.

I will then email the purchaser with our bank details and instructions. They will have 48hrs to complete purchase. 

Once they have paid, I will pay you the sale proceeds less the $10 fee. I will cancel your ticket/s and register new ones for the purchaser.

If they don't pay within 48 hours, contact the next interested person and repeat process.

Once transfer is complete, please then remove your listing from the Facebook Group

Buyers:Keep an eye on the Camp A Low Hum Facebook Group and be the first to jump on a listing to confirm your interest. Then look out for an email from alowhum@gmail.com and you'll have 48 hours to follow instructions and make payment.

If you see a ticket for sale publicly on any other platform, ie: Trademe, etc. Be weary. This won't be validated by us and the person could still use the barcode to scan in ahead of you. You must have absolute trust in that person. Using our process above is the only way we can guarantee your ticket will work for entry.

If after Feb 7th and we can no longer validate ticket transfers, only buy from friends or people that are vouched for to you. Do not buy from a stranger.

Are there official sideshows?
On the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between events (Feb 19-21), I'll be throwing a series of epic parties at Meow in Wellington, for all those hanging around or arriving early. Tickets to these can be purchased from the same link as the Camp tickets. A great way to stave off the Post-Camp Depression from Weekend 1, or warm up into Weekend 2.

I want to attend but there is somebody I believe is a danger to me within the music community, and due to Camp not announcing the lineup, how can I be sure they won’t be there?

I need attendees to feel safe. Please notify me of anybody you believe shouldn’t be there and I will not book them as a performer. You must contact me directly and I’m afraid that it can’t be anonymous. Please message me through Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Any discussion is strictly confidential. 

If you would prefer to talk to a woman, and someone other than me, please have somebody else contact me, or create a temporary fake email and email me yourself using a pseudonym: alowhum@gmail.com and ask for me to make that service available. 

As a festival guest, you have an active role in creating an enjoyable and accepting environment for your fellow attendees, including speaking out when you see unacceptable behaviour. We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment or discrimination of any kind, including but not limited to: race, colour, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, religion, and disability status.

Offensive behaviour includes, but is not limited to:

  • Acts of physical assault or battery
  • Verbal abuse
  • Racial or ethnic slurs
  • Groping, sexual assault, or unwanted sexual remarks
  • Stalking
  • Threatening language

Any individuals or groups found in violation of this policy may be removed from the festival. If you feel you’ve been harassed, or feel unsafe, please The Shop onsite, or a festival staff member, or member of our security team.

If you have any other questions that need to be answered before buying a ticket, please email: alowhum@gmail.com

There will be plenty more detail and info here once tickets go on sale, and much more again closer to the event.