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I’ve had a ton of requests from people who missed out on merch at the event. 

A whole bunch of you were asking after tee’s of Lily Paris West’s epic poster design, and she has generously made up some new designs for us :) 

There were also lots of people inspired by the event asking after my sold out books “The Problem with Music in NZ & How to Fix It” and “DIY Touring the World”. I’m going to do one last short print run of these to order, so if you’re interested, along with anything else, you have until 6pm March 24th to place an order.

Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery as almost all of the merch has to be made fresh. For Australian orders I'll be shipping all in one or two large shipments and then shipping domestically from there.

As with funds from Camp, any proceeds are funnelled directly into projects for The Winter Fund 

Place your order (by 6pm March 24th) here: https://45f1ae-da.myshopify.com/


Please email me: alowhum@gmail.com, with CALH24 L&F in the subject line and a description of what you’re missing in the email body.


There are plans for all the footage and audio we were capturing at the event by my awesome video team, but more importantly, my vision is to include a ton of material captured by the campers, so please, anything you photographed or videoed and are comfortable with being included in a film, please submit here:


This can be footage of bands or just you/your buds, even if it's stuff like on your way to Camp, prepping at home, mucking around in your tent. Anything Camp related - photos and video. It doesn’t matter if the audio on your phone camera is distorted and nasty, please send me everything you got.

I'm pretty crap on social media, and even worse with a mailing list... but whenever there is something big to announce, I will email ya if you sign up below.

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