VIDEO - 'Double Vision Version'


Shocking Pinks - Double Vision Version
‘Double Vision Version’ was released only on the sold out vinyl edition of Shocking Pinks’ ‘Guilt Mirrors’ but has never been available digitally. A fan favourite live, to date the only trace of this song online has been a live video filmed at A Low Hum House.
The video for ‘Double Vision Version’ was filmed by the band’s tour manager Ian Jorgensen (Blink) on Super 8mm film during the bands recent 60 date world tour through China, Europe, UK, USA, Australia and NZ. 
The double A-side single backed with ‘Motel’ is available as a free download from their Bandcamp page now.

From the Director - Ian Jorgensen
‘Double Vision Version’ is one of my favourite local tracks and I wanted to make a video that didn’t distract from the song at all. I wanted the video to reflect what ‘Guilt Mirrors’ era songs feel like to me - to be textural, ambiguous and not entirely accesible - rewarding upon multiple listens. Shocking Pinks songs to be have always felt film-like and if I learnt anything while accompanying them on this tour, its that they don’t like to be brightly lit. 
Don’t bother trying to watch this clip on a mobile in bright daylight, you won’t see anything.