Good things to know CALH2014

3 Feb 2014

Hey Everybody!

Thanks so much for getting a ticket to the last Camp! Please print out* your ticket and bring along. If you only bought the one ticket and it is under your name, if you don’t end up printing out, that is fine, just bring along some photo ID and you can say your name to get in – though giving us a printout is faster and easier. If you bought multiple tickets through Under the Radar and they are all under the same name, you MUST give a print out to each person coming in. Obviously as your friends names aren’t registered they won’t be able to get in with photo ID – as each person arrives, one entry against the name will be checked off.

*Instead of printing out you are welcome to show us the ticket on your mobile device

If you haven’t received your ticket yet, it might be in your spam, especially if you have Hotmail.

There is a FAQ at: but here is some stuff you really need to know.

There are no bands or “official” entertainment scheduled for Thursday night, but as usual there will be some people DJing once it gets dark, and it will be a rad time.
If you arrive on Thursday, please bring everything you need for the first evening. Please don’t leave again on that night unless you absolutely have to; the gates will be busy and it will be a total pain to go against the flow. There will be food vendors operating onsite Thursday night.

Camp A Low Hum is at Camp Wainui, 203 Coast Road, Wainuiomata. It’s a 25-35 minute drive from Wellington city. You can find it on Google Maps here:,+Wainuiomata,+Wellington&hl=en&ll=-41.255355,174.9226&spn=0.169831,0.363579&t=m&z=12&vpsrc=6
There is a large parking area onsite and you can come go freely during the event. You may not drive your car beyond the car park and onto the tent pitches at any time. There are 3 camping areas; Quiet, Regular and Party. You must park up first and walk your stuff from your car to your tent site. This is not that bad, the quieter camping areas are only around 50 metres away, the party camping is another 100 metres further along; only a few minutes’ walk and no biggie if you have to make a few trips. (Compare this with the 30-60 minutes it takes to walk from the carpark to tenting at Glastonbury)

If you plan on sleeping in your van, bringing a campervan or caravan, this is cool, but once parked up you cannot move vehicle till event is over.

If anyone is found driving recklessly around the site they will be ejected and banned.

Details here:

Public transport goes as far as The Homedale Village, 2-3 minutes drive from Camp. We don’t recommend walking the road between Homedale and Camp (no footpath, crazy drivers).

Therefore, I’ll have back to back, free shuttles going from Homedale to Camp. These will operate between 5pm-11:30pm on Thursday 7th and again from 11am-1pm on Friday 8th, meet outside the Four Square mini-mart in Homedale Village. You will probably not have to wait too long to get a ride, plus you can grab last minute supplies at Four Square while you wait.

On Monday 13th when it comes time to go home, just wait outside the Merch Room from 9am, we’ll be shuttling people to The Village for free again from 9am until Midday..

CARPOOLING. If you are on Facebook and looking for either a ride, or have room in your car to spare, please add yourself to the carpooling group and suss it out!

This is Wellington, and its three days and nights hanging out in it, who knows what the weather is going to do, so please come prepared! This means sunscreen AND waterproof clothing.

Make sure you have plenty of warm clothing for the night time. Ask anybody who went last year about how cold it gets there at night. Seriously, it gets really, really, really cold. As soon as the sun goes down you’ll need warm clothes.

If it gets wet there will be some timetable/stage changes. Like any major changes, there is a whiteboard outside the merch room which displays ‘em.

Please bring a can or safe container to put outside your tent for your butts, and don’t just flick them around the place – this sucka has gotta pick every single one of ‘em up.
Obviously smoking is not allowed in any indoor spaces and please dispose of ciggie butts carefully in the forested areas too.

Vodafone and 2 Degrees get OK reception, especially around the Merch Room/Lagoon. Not sure about Telecom. If you walk out of the Merch Room and look on top of the hills at your 11 o’clock, you’ll see the cell tower.

Camp Wainui is surrounded by protected native forest. There is a TOTAL open fire ban at all times. This includes BBQs, fireworks, tikitorches, etc. Please don’t try and push this. You are welcome to use the shared camper’s kitchen to cook. Please dispose of ciggie butts carefully.

The native forest around Camp is also a kiwi sanctuary and as such there is a dog ban at the site.

Please bring a rubbish bag or two and clean up after yourself. It’s just me and some of the crew buddies who have to clean up every last ciggie butt and bottle top when you leave. Please, please please bag it up and leave it in the bins provided. If you want to be truly awesome, empty liquids out of bottles before disposal, this helps keep our rubbish costs down. You can also donate clean/usable gear/food/clothes at the Merch Room when you leave and we will find a good home for it.

We recommend you only bring the essentials to Camp and take a break from the outside world, but if you really must bring your gadgets we offer a cellphone/gadget charging service in the Merch Room. $1 per item, per charge. BYO charger.

Something I’ve always been very proud of at Camp is how there have never been any clashes. Anytime previously that bands have played at the same time as others, one of them was playing twice, so if you really wanted, you still had the opportunity to see everybody. Because this is the last Camp, I have invited a ton of bands, there are around 20 MORE on the official lineup than ever before and to fit everyone in, for the first time, there are clashes :( . A few (4) times there are bands playing at the same time as each other AND only playing once at the event – these clashes have been unavoidable and I’ve done my best to make it work, only a couple of them are really frustrating.

FOOD etc
As last year we have some great vendors onsite so all your food and non-alcoholic drink needs can be catered for without leaving, however, the local Four Square (mini-mart) is 2 minutes drive in Homedale Village. A bigger Countdown supermarket and range of shops is 5 minutes further down the road in Wainuiomata, so it’s an easy trip to get supplies. It’s not all that safe to walk the road between Camp and Homedale so I’ll be offering daytime $1 return shuttle trips to Four Square– check the camp book or Merch Room for details.

We are now selling ICE at the merch room, so bring your chilly bins!

The camper’s kitchen has stoves and ovens but no pots, pans etc. If you want to borrow stuff to cook with, you’ll need to leave $20 or a valuable item as bond at the Merch Room. When you return the cooking kit clean and in a reasonable amount of time, you’ll get your bond back. Or better yet, bring your own.
Please bring a refillable water bottle. We don’t encourage bottled water products at CALH. You can fill up in the shared kitchen, the Merch Room and at various spots around the site. The water at the site is from the Wainuiomata town supply so it should not taste excessively weird or gross to most people. We will have a limited amount of A LOW HUM reusable camping bottles on sale at the Merch Room.

I’m aiming to have a water tank on the merch room veranda you can refill from too.


Torch! Most pathways are unlit.
Batteries for that torch.
Warm & waterproof clothing.
Rubbish bags.
Tent / warm bedding, etc.

NON ESSENTIAL (but a good idea)
Refillable water bottle


Like last year I am throwing a series of after parties at my bar, Puppies, after the event. Some info about these is here:

Our first party is on the Monday night after Camp finishes, entry will be free, though late from 10:30pm with two Australian bands playing at 11pm and midnight.
There are then after parties happening on Tuesday and Wednesday with $10 entries (you can pre buy your tickets for these at above link) and Carb on Carb, Lontalius and Bare Grillz (AU) are playing a $5 show on the Thursday.
Details of all shows are in the book you collect at the gate at Camp.


For any absolute emergencies, you can call me on 021 2655 277