D.I.Y. Touring The World (Digital Edition)



Released 1 July 2012

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D.I.Y. Touring The World is written principally as a handbook for unknown underground bands on how to tour the world to play music. However, if you’re not in a band, hate music, or don’t even want to tour the world, you’ll still gain some important insight—even if it’s only tips on how to live on the fringes of poverty.


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What others are saying

“Finally someone being frank about the reality of touring outside of New Zealand. I wish we’d had this book when we were touring overseas in the Mint Chicks. If you’re a musician wanting to venture outside of New Zealand you’d be foolish not to read this book first.”
Ruban Nielson (Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Mint Chicks)

“Easy to read, well laid-out, and every page includes at least one ‘gotcha’ moment, where Blink tells you something indispensably useful that you can’t believe you never knew before. Totally essential reading for anyone touring anywhere.”
Bruce Russell (Dead C)

“A New Zealand rock’n’roll classic! Would’ve saved me a lot of time and worry if I’d had this book in the late eighties”
David Kilgour (The Clean)

“Well filtered and full of thought Blink quickly moves between all options with abrupt and stern honesty. Narrowing down every nitty-gritty detail like this is a rarity though isn’t that surprising considering it’s from someone who organises Camp A Low Hum, the most universally celebrated DIY festival.”
Vice Cooler

Touring the World is shockingly complete and, still, after playing over 500 shows with High Places on every continent except Africa and Antartica, taught me so much about the areas I thought I knew. And most importantly, this book is amazingly inspiring and encouraging to actually get you out on the road!”
Rob Barber (High Places)

“Blink’s book should be a must-read for Kiwi musicians… It offers a warts-and-all reality of driving long hours, eating two-minute noodles and sleeping in cars – playing house-parties for tips and free beer, playing 35 shows in 30 days. The book is smart and easy to read. It’s filled with passion. And knowledge. And insight.”
Simon Sweetman for Blog on the Tracks

Michael McClelland for The Corner

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