A Low Hum House Short Film


The A Low Hum House short film is released Aug 27th, 2015
You can pre-order your copy now, and on Aug 27th you'll be sent a download link.
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It won't be streaming publicly online anytime soon.

Thanks to Crossing Backpackers, National Park

Review of A Low Hum House from Undertheradar HERE

A Low Hum NYE 2015 (On a Boat) information HERE


A Low Hum House. NYE 2014/15
Short Film (28mins)
Directed and edited by Ian Jorgensen
Filmed by Ian Jorgensen & Ryan Harte
Recorded live and mixed by James Goldsmith

Featuring live audio and video of:
Rackets, Gains, Mermaidens, Trust Punks, Race Banyon, Lontalius,
Tommy ill, Career Girls, Shocking Pinks, Jon Lemmon, Secret Knives (solo),
Finn Johansson, Sheep Dog & Wolf, Yvnalesca, Traps PS, Glass Vaults & Totems.

Trailer audio: “Untitled” by Race Banyon (Live at A Low Hum House)

The below clips differ to those of these acts in the film and they only include footage of the artists, not of the attendees, however, for a further preview of sort of what to expect, please check out the following clips.