Camp A Low Hum 2014

7–9 February 2014
Camp Wainui
Wainuiomata, New Zealand


See you soon! Some good stuff to know before coming is here:

Nine different stages/environments.

Relaxed timetabling.
Respect to all.
No VIP areas or backstage passes.
No barriers infront of stages.
No media passes.
Every stage you can view from all sides.
A lagoon.
No sponsors.
Repeat performances.
No band announcements.
Close to 150 bands over 3 days.
70 of those on the “official” line-up.
Bands from New Zealand, Australia and around the world who aren’t famous but rule.
No age restrictions.

Highlights from 2013 (same location) here:
Facebook event here:
There is a Facebook group for Camp here:


Camp A Low Hum, or CALH is my quest to create the world’s most unique, considerate and musically astonishing festival. At its very core is a want to create an event that I would actually enjoy myself. This means, BYO, being able to come and go as I please, a diverse range of music, intimate shows, multiple environments, shady areas, grassy areas and not being bombarded with advertising and a constant sound battering. CALH is how you always imagined a festival could be, but never is.

When is CALH2014?
The gates to CALH in 2014 open at 4pm on Feb 6th. The event kicks into life early on the 7th and runs three days and nights till late on the 9th. Gates close midday on the 10th. There is no scheduled entertainment for the evening of Thurs 6th, however, many people get their own parties going and somebody always ends up doing a rad DJ set, so it’s still a really fun night and you’re a dick to miss the wind-up evening.

Where is CALH2014?
203 Coast Road, Homedale, Wainuomata, New Zealand. View the map.

This is only a 30 minute drive from Wellington. 15 Minutes from Lower Hutt. It is very easy to get to with public transport for those of you who don’t have a car. There will be really detailed instructions of how to get to Camp soon. Please try to pool cars wherever possible.

I’ve heard this is the last Camp. Whhhaaaatt??

I need a ride to camp!
Try carpooling, here:

Is it still BYO? All ages?
Yes, Yes.

I bought several tickets at once through Undertheradar and have the same name on multiple tickets. What up?
That is totally fine, just make absolutely sure each of the ticket holders has a print out of the ticket as they won’t be able to get in using their name and photo ID as their name won”t be on the register.

I’m broke. Can I volunteer?
Sorry. I don’t have any volunteer positions available :(

Such and such festival has such and such huge famous bands playing. Will you have any such bands?
Camp really isn’t focused around booking famous/profile acts. If you’re all about seeing bands/celebrities then it’s not the right kind of event for you.  Don’t come with any expectations other than spending an amazing three days and nights at an event which treats you with respect and will introduce you to some interesting shit.  Don’t worry, Camp will as usual, kick the ass of every other event this summer.

Will you make an announcement about the acts playing at CALH2014?
Nope. Feels lame doing that stuff. However, many bands who play announce it themselves, and they are welcome to, you’ll just never see any official announcement from me. The only time I announce acts is when international guests are playing on the same days as camp takes place, that way people don’t freak out that they’ll miss the act if they come to camp.

Are you still doing renegade shows?

Totally. Supplied in the renegade room is a drumkit (with snare and cymbals), bass amp, two keyboard stands and guitar amp. Bring anything else you need.  You’ll be able to book a spot around 1pm on day one of Camp, though get in fast!!! All prebookings are filled up. I can’t look after any gear you bring for renegade shows so take that into account! You’ll need to look after it yourself.

Can I bring my dog? He is chill.

Sorry, a kiwi sanctuary surrounds the campground so its strictly no dogs allowed :(

I bought a ticket but can’t make it anymore!! What do I do?
Tickets may not be sold online on auction sites or any other way for anything more than the face value of the ticket. If anyone tries to profit from selling tickets, their ticket will be voided and will be denied buying tickets in the future. You may pop your ticket on Trademe, however, you must stick a “buy now” of how much you paid or sell on the Camp A Low Hum Facebook page. Tickets are getting transferred on here:
ONLY till Feb 1 though. After that the ticket list is locked off.

Do you do need passes to photograph/video?
Nope. Anybody who buys a ticket to camp has as many rights as anyone else. You can photograph wherever you like, there are no barriers or all access areas you need access too. I have once or twice in the history of the event told photographers to “cool it” a little when they get all up in the face of performers for too long and become a nuisance, but generally as long as you’re not a dick, it’s cool.

Are there “media comps/accreditation”?
Sorry, you’ll need to buy a ticket like everybody else. I love it when people review camp, but I’d rather see people with band merch in their hands then notebooks taking notes.

Is there camping onsite?
Yip. Just bring a tent and anything else you need, plenty of room. NO FIRES. The camp is surrounded by national forest and there is a 100% fire ban at all times. It gets SERIOUSLY cold at night. Bring PLENTY of warm clothing to wear in the evenings and very warm gears to wear at night. Do not underestimate how cold it will get.

How do I get there?
Check out this page for details about driving to Camp or public transport:

We have shuttles going from outside the The Four Square from “The Village”, ie: HOMEDALE every half hour from 5pm-11:30pm on THURSDAY NIGHT and then from 11am-1pm on FRIDAY. That is all. The drive from the Village takes like 3 minutes to get to the site. There is a Four Square at the Village, so you can pick up supplies (incl. booze) while waiting for the shuttle. The shuttles will then again just ferry people from the site (merch room) to The Village non-stop on Monday morning from 10am until everyone who needs a ride has left.

Can we bring cars?
Yes, there is plenty of parking, and you can come and go during the event as you wish.

Can we bring Campervans, is there power?
Yes, you can bring campervans, however, you must arrive at site in daylight hours and if you choose to park near tents you cannot move the van at all during the event, if you want to come and go during the event, you must park (sleep) in the carpark. There is no power provided for Campervans/campers.

Are there cooking facilities?
Yes. There are basic kitchen facilities provided. If you need to borrow cooking equipment, you will need to do so from the Merch Room, you need to pay a $20 bond for borrowing equip which you get back when you return equip clean.

Showers? Hot?
Yes, there are showers, and technically they do have hot water, however, obviously with the huge number of people using them, getting a hot one will be rare. If you really want a hot shower, consider showering at random times, super late at night, middle of the day etc…

There will be a selection of food carts on the site and coffee.  Will list those coming closer to the time. If you have a food cart and wish to be at camp, email me at The local 4 square is literally 2 mins drive down the road, and there will be a service offering rides to and from if you didn’t bring a car leaving from infront of the Merch Room at 11,12,2,3,4,6 and 7pm each day. Return trip just $1.

Any other tips?
Don’t bring any keys you don’t need. Every year a ton of people lose their keys. Seriously… there is no point bringing keys to camp. Leave your house key under a pot plant outside your house or something and leave any other keys at home – the only key you should bring is your car key if you bring a car… and rather than carry it around everywhere with you, find a safe place to stash it. And wallets? Why bring every card under the sun to camp. Just bring an eftpos card and enough cash – leave any unnecessary shit behind. You won’t need your student IDS or work IDs or sushi loyalty cards.

Don’t bring anything valuable. Don’t even bring clothing that is important to you – it’s not a fashion show. It’s not that stuff gets stolen, its just that stuff gets lost. The site is huge and people tend to leave crap everywhere.

Every year we end up with a bunch of keys, wallets and a clothing – and frustatingly none of the clothing fits my fat ass, all you bums don’t have any cash in your lost wallets and i don’t know what the keys are for so I can’t steal your rusty cars… :-/

Kids? Cool?
Generally we let in kids for free, but you’ll need to give me a heads up in advance, and this doesn’t apply to school groups of anything, just kids you can’t get looked after for the weekend but you still want to party. If you plan on bringing anyone under 12 along, please email me at

Any other questions? Just email me at